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Xtremity- Xtremity Boardsports - UK stockists of top brands of windsurfing, snowboarding & skateboarding hardware, software & accessories. Animal, Billabong, Saltrock & Fallen Surf and Skate Clothing. Shopping online with Xtremity is secure and delivery is free to the UK .

Hardcloud - Animal clothing - Hardcloud sells a full range of Animal Clothing and accessories including shorts, t-shirts, jeans, luggage and more.

Surfladle - A very well stocked shop serving one of the UK's most popular South Coast windsurfing destinations

www.windsurfersworld.com - Presents this windsurfing shop selling new gear in the UK. Provides
contact information.

www.slingzstore.com - Skateboarding - Choose from a variety of colors and sizes for a quality hands-free strap for your skateboard or longboard.

What Can We Do This Weekend.com - This website offers suggestions for activities, things to do, weekend breaks in the UK or Europe.

Kite Surfing Shop | Snowboards | wakeboarding | Surf lessons | Dakine
The Surface to Air Sports Shop offers a range of Kite Surfing gear, Snowboards and wakeboarding accessories from brands like Dakine, Power kite, Flexifoil, Ozone and Sling Shot.  

Edgeriders.com - EdgeRiders UK Kite Shop and Wakeboard Shop have a huge range of 2009 Kiting Gear and Wakeboarding

Windfinder.com - the world's most comprehensive windsurf, kitesurf and surf directory.

Bray Lake - The complete watersports centre, with a school, hire facility, a shop and a members area.

Blue Chip Windsurfing - one of the oldest established Windsurfing shops in the UK. Since 1980 Blue Chip has specialised in the supply and repair of Windsurfing products.

Gun Sails - The largest windsurfing supplier in Europe, from entry level to record breaking equipment; we offer the best quality at fair prices. Gun Sails products will come to you, direct from the UK distributor, without expensive middlemen.

Dwarf8 - The hardest soft drink ever!

Windsurfing Links Kitesurf Links
Ezzy Sails - www.ezzy.com Airush - www.airush.com
F2 Boards - www.f2.com Best - www.bestkiteboarding.com
Fanatic Boards - www.fanatic.com Blade - www.bladekites.com
Gaastra Sails - www.gaastra.com Bull Kites - www.bullkites.com
JP Boards - www.jp-australia.com Cabrinha - www.cabrinhakites.com
Mistral Sails - www.mistral.com Dakine Accessories - www.dakine.com
Neil Pryde sails - www.neilpryde.com F-one - www.f-onekites.com
North Sails - www.north-windsurf.com Flexifoil - www.flexifoil.com
RRD Boards - www.robertoriccidesigns.com Gaastra - www.gaastrakites.com
Severne Sails - www.severnesails.com Liquid Force - www.liquidforcekites.com
Tabou Boards - www.tabou-boards.com Naish - www.naishkites.com
Tushingham Sails - www.tushingham.com North Kitesurfing - www.northkites.com
  Ozone Kites - www.flyozone.com
  RRD - www.robertoriccidesigns.com
  Slingshot - www.slingshotkiteboarding.com
  Wipika - www.wipikakiteboarding.com