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Windsurfing put Tarifa on the map many years ago, and is still popular today. The fabulous sandy beaches and gently curving bays offer a fantastic play ground to improve your skills. Bring your own kit to make use of the different spots (see getting there section), or hire from one of the many windsurf schools which are based at Valdevaqueros (Las Dunas).

Instruction is avaible at most rental centre's.

The Wind

Tarifa is a world famous venue for both windsurfing and kitesurfing, often referred to as the “Wind Capital of Europe.” With it’s constant winds, over 7 miles of white sandy beaches, deep blue water and three thousand hours of sunlight per year, it makes a great all year round destination.

There are two prevailing winds; the ‘Levante’ (Easterly), is a stronger warmer wind, which blows cross-offshore from the left creating flatter water conditions. The ‘Poniente’ blows cross on shore from the Atlantic Ocean producing waves and is more predominant in Autumn and Spring. The wind is generally strongest in the afternoons.